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The worlds #1 rated corrugated cardboard pallet
The Right Choice! GreenLight UNIPAL is a modular system to manufacture corrugated pallets. The unique construction consisting of stringers and cross-stringers provides an outstanding beam strength in all directions.
Recycled Corrugated Pallets  



UNIPAL solutions

UNIPAL crating & dunnage – if you need more than a pallet

A UNIPAL crating & dunnage can be described as a three dimensional pallet that provides complete protection for its contents.
Depending on your requirements the UNIPAL technology can be used for a variety of solutions. Tell us your needs, we design.

Frame 1 Frame 2

UNIPAL crating & dunnage is a heavy packaging
structure with an integrated pallet

UNIPAL crating & dunnage for the transport of paper reels

Frame 3 Frame 4

UNIPAL crating & dunnage for the transport of smaller goods

UNIPAL top cover for strapping

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