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The worlds #1 rated corrugated cardboard pallet
The Right Choice! GreenLight UNIPAL is a modular system to manufacture corrugated pallets. The unique construction consisting of stringers and cross-stringers provides an outstanding beam strength in all directions.
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Product Information

UNIPAL represents a patented product line of corrugated pallets manufactured from pallet members. These corrugated lumber members are assembled using a method similar to that used to assemble “Lincoln Logs”. This pallet member construction provides “beam strength” comparable to that found in the construction of wooden pallets.

UNIPAL I Corrugated Pallets

Corrugated PalletsThe UNIPAL pallet can be manufactured according to customer's requirements in almost any size from 600mm x 500mm (24 x 20 inches) up to 1900mm x 1530 mm (75 x 60 inches). In addition, the UNIPAL pallet is capable of transporting loads in excess of 1 ton (2,200 pounds) and warehouse stack loads up to 4 tons (8,000 pounds).

The UNIPAL I pallet is typically constructed with 8 pallet members and a top sheet, which provides both fork and pallet jack entry and exit. This pallet is truly a “pallet and skid” as it does not have bottom deck boards.

Because of its member strength, the UNIPAL I can be racked (three rails or solid deck racks) and transported over most conveyer systems in all four directions.

Its construction makes the top sheet optional where the load is contained in one or few containers or a bulk bag.

UNIPAL solutions

UNIPAL Crating & Dunnage – if you need more than a pallet

A UNIPAL crating & dunnage can be described as a three dimensional pallet that provides complete protection for its contents. Depending on your requirements the UNIPAL technology can be used for a variety of solutions. Tell us your needs, we design.

Frame 1 Frame 2

UNIPAL crating & dunnage is a heavy packaging
structure with an integrated pallet

UNIPAL crating & dunnage for the transport of paper reels

Frame 3 Frame 4

UNIPAL crating & dunnage for the transport of smaller goods

UNIPAL top cover for strapping

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